Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finally out of the wilderness!

So I've been a ghost around this blog, but it's been for a good cause. The C4Act Community Theatre had me direct their spring production of "The Crucible." We had a wonderful turn out and I'm very proud of the work we did. The cast was excellent and the community support was super, especially Daniel and Teri of the Homer Center for the Arts. We couldn't have done it with out them.

And a special thank you to DJ Sonny King of Oldies 101.5 WXHC! Not only did Sonny record my radio ad, but he interview me and Jonathan Gay who played John Proctor in our show. Sonny was a joy to work with and I hope we work together again soon!

Now that I'm out of that forest, I'm hitting the ground running with my voice-overs. I'm currently taking Harlan Hogan's teleseminar "Starting Your Voice Over Business." Last night was the first night and already I'm learning a ton!

I've always heard that you need to approach your craft as a business and I know how important that is, but I never really understood what that meant. Last night we went over the basics of what that means and I was surprised to learn that as a voice actor your real job is getting the work. As a theatre artist so much of your time is spent rehearsing and building and adjusting and more rehearsing, it's easy to forget that you ever auditioned in the first place!

We dispelled some of the common myths about the voice over world and then homework was assigned! Secretly, I've always liked homework, it makes me feel like I've accomplished something!

I have another class tonight and I'm looking forward to it. Now that I've got my life back from "The Crucible" I'll be posting more frequently, so check back!

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