Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The First Blog of Christmas!

Hello bright beautiful blogging world! I just finished watching "The Polar Express," so in tune with Tom Hanks' proclamation of the first gift of Christmas, I give you this blog post.

But the real reason for my starting a blog has less to do with the tremendous talent of a fine actor and more to do with what he brings to the film; a voice for all those characters. After years of actor training and close work with the people at voicecoaches.com I've finally recorded my voice acting demo and am now pursuing my career as a voice actor. This blog is a sounding board for my day to day musings and discoveries as a voice and theatre artist. The title of my blog comes from a post by a voice actor I admire named Liz de Nesnera who playfully noted that "There's a reason we voice actor's joke that we're a bit strange: we sit in our padded rooms, talking to ourselves all day!"

Currently I'm working on my own padded room (i.e. my at home studio). I've already purchased my mic, and since I've been good this year, word on the street is that "Santa" bought me the preamp that was on my wish list. Once my little studio is up and running, I'll post some delightful pictures.

There will be more discoveries to come in my work. I'm re-reading a wonderful book called "The Actor Speaks: Voice and the Performer" by Patsy Rodenburg. I'm directing "The Crucible" in a couple months so I'm brushing up on group vocal techniqus. This book is full of excellent advice and a wonderful forward by Judi Dench.

More to come in the future, so stay tuned and be safe during the holiday season!