Monday, January 26, 2009

Up and at 'em, Tiger!

While it seems that I've been asleep in the blog-o-sphere, I've been wide awake in the wonderful world of audition prep!

With my production of "The Crucible" on the horizon, I've been pretty busy getting things in order. I've started a website for my actors, with schedules and rehearsal information. I'm hoping that this will make the rehearsal process easier on everyone!

As is the way of the world, I like to be as nice as I can to the people I meet because you never know how and where they will turn up again. I'm finding that this has been extremely helpful with getting "The Crucible" together. Last week I headed over to the Homer Center for the Arts to meet with the Administrative Assistant there so we could work around each other's availability at the center. I arrived at the Center to realize that Teri Holbert, the woman I was meeting with, was a former voice acting classmate! Having only ever met on the phone to arrange our meeting, it wasn't until meeting face to face that we realized our connection! It was quite the happy reunion. We caught up in the world of our voice over pursuits and planned what is looking like a very nice rehearsal schedule for my show.

I'm so fortunate to be working on a project that has the support of such caring and creative people. I look forward to auditioning my actors and meeting with Teri again. Once the show is up and running I'll be posting a bit more frequently, so stay tuned!

All the best,


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